Company Information

Taxware Systems has been around since 1979. We are not new to the industry, and have stood the test of time. Taxware responds to the needs of our customers; many of the features built into our software are a result of user’s suggestions.

We at Taxware understand the importance of timely delivery dates. Taxware always ships the first version of the 1040 program the last week of December, so you have a program to use for your early clients.

Data entry through Taxware is fast and easy. Taxware’s goal over the years has been to develop a system of data entry that is fast and easy enough to use so that information can be entered by the preparer at the time of the interview. Taxware also can be used for data entry with equal ease by an operator untrained in tax.

Taxware’s input is designed with the tax preparer in mind. Taxware users use the 10 key pad to select only the items that apply to each tax return eliminating unnecessary key strokes and screens.

Our calculations are also very fast and complete. In many cases items such as 8582 passive losses, 6251 AMT, SE, EIC, Sch. D, and many more forms, calculations, limitations, and worksheets are created automatically.

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