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Error Message "Class Not Registered"

Configuration Details

First, did you run the install for the program (or workstation setup install) on this computer? If not you will need to do that. Which install you use (full or workstation setup) depends on if you are running the program from a network drive. See our guide in the Videos page of our site for details on these set ups. Do NOT proceed with the following steps on this page.

Have you restarted the computer? This is worth trying if you haven't since there is a change Windows will fix the issue.

Information You Need

There can be two instances when this error message occurs in the one of our programs. The first is when trying to preview a form or return. The file needed for that is named AdTaxViewX.ocx.

The second is when trying to do some steps in efile (transmit or receive). The file needed for that process is named wodTelnetDLX.ocx.

Please make a note of the file name for your issue. It will be needed in the steps below.

Steps to Fix

Look to see if you have the file in the System32 subfolder of your Windows OS directory. Usually that folder is at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32. Contact your computer tech if you do not have the Windows folder on your C drive or in the default location to ask for the location of this folder. Windows may ask you or confirm that you wish to see the contents of the folder since there are system files located there. You need to allow this to proceed.

Process 1

If the file doesn't exist the solution is to reinstall the program from the CD. You would use either the full install or workstation setup install depending on your office set up for this program and computer. If you use the full, program install make sure you get updates again AFTER doing a reinstall since that process may take you back to an older version.

Process 2

If the file exists then use Run (or a DOS Prompt) to reregister the file. Run is found in your Start Menu list of Windows (e.g. click the Start button and you should see the option). In Vista or Windows 7 the "search" prompt on the left of the Start Menu can work as a Run prompt. Holding the Windows key on your keyboard and pressing the R key will also bring up the Run prompt.

To reregister the file type the following:


The regsvr32 command needs to be followed by the path and file name. For example if your issue is with Preview and the Windows files are in the default location you would type the following:

regsvr32 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\AdTaxViewX.ocx

That should successfully reregister the file and fix the issue. If you have a question then please email Taxware Support.

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