Electronic Filing

Taxware Systems Inc. has been providing Electronic Filing software since 1985, the inception of electronic filing.

Direct and Third Party E-File

We provide both the IRS A2A and IFA systems. Our A2A system is extremely easy to use taking the stress out of electronic filing.

The IFA (Internet Filing Application) allows electronic transmission from your office direct to the IRS. You need to have a valid ETIN in addition to your EFIN from the IRS but if you want full control over the entire electronic filing process then utilizing the IFA system may be an option for you.

Program Integration

Electronic filing is part of Wintax. The data from the return does not need to be reentered. Prompts during return preparation collect additional information that is required to efile. Access Electronic Filing from the main menu of Wintax and returns are transmitted in just a couple of steps.

Validity Check

The feature visually displays the readiness of a return to be efiled. A “green light” shows that the return should be accepted by the IRS. If the program detects a potential problem then a “red” or “yellow light” appears and a report will make recommendations or report problems.

Tracking System

An extensive and comprehensive tracking system is included in the program. Reports for electronic filed returns show status, transmission date and acceptance or rejection date. After the return is accepted, print Form 9325 Acknowledgement and General Information for Taxpayers Who File Returns Electronically for your client.

Bank Products

Preparers who wish to offer bank products can use our simple process and banks that have provided superior service to our users. We recommend River City Bank, Refund Advantage, or Santa Barbara TPG to our users that wish to use the bank product feature in Wintax.

TW EZ-Collect

Easily collect your preparation fees in a way convenient for your clients. A bank product that is not a loan; it is an ERC/ERD. Costing less than a RAL, the taxpayer can use the product to have preparation and others fees collected. Preparers would choose this so they could delay receipt of fees but know they were going to be received. For a brochure please click here.