Taxware Bank Enrollment Instructions for 2018 Tax Year

Bank enrollment for Refund Advantage and TPG/Santa Barbara banks will be done within Taxware’s 2017 Wintax Program.

Check for Updates: You must have the latest version of Wintax.

Wintax NextGen:  This year the bank enrollment application must be completed in our Wintax NextGen software, if you do not have the Wintax NextGen program installed, it is available to download from our website. If you need help installing the program, call us at 800-877-1065 and one of our technicians will help you through the process.

Choose “Batch E-File” [05] from the main menu.

Now choose option [06] Next Year’s Bank Enrollment

Current Bank Settings Menu: 

In the Bank Enrollment section you will enter the EFIN, Taxware Client ID, and the password you used last year.

If this is your first year enrolling; enter in your EFIN, Taxware Client ID, and the password you wish to use and the program will guide you through the proper steps to register your password.

If you will be enrolling with multiple EFINs, you will do this process for each EFIN.

Click on “Bank Product Enrollment” button.

The Bank Enrollment Menu will now display.  Please complete all information requested.

When complete, Click on the “Submit Bank Enrollment Application” button at the top of the screen.

If there are items missing, those items will be identified in red.  The enrollment application will not be sent to the bank until all errors have been resolved.

You may return to this application to view your enrollment process and status responses from the bank.