Wintax 1040

Taxware’s Individual Tax program, Wintax 1040, provides the forms and schedules you will need to prepare even the most complex tax return.

Individual Package Details
Individual Package Details



Throughout the entire electronic filing process, you get real-time status of your returns. A variety of intuitive filters make searching for the information you need, quick and efficient.


Our program is able to compare your current year clients with your prior year clients to build a database of the tax payers you haven’t yet worked with in the current year. With this database you can send form 4868 extensions for all of these clients at once!


Save time and eliminate the need to scan signature documents! Compatible with e-signature solutions available from third-party providers as well as complete integration with the Topaz Signature pads, you are ready to digitally sign PDFs.

Taxware provides integration with EPS, Refund Advantage, Republic Bank and TPG-Tax Products Group to give our clients a variety of options in both product and services to grow their business. Taxware does not charge any hidden fees that are typical in the industry including Technology/Document Fees etc.


Not only can you preview any form or schedule, but now all the forms or schedules will update and instantly calculate as you navigate through the tax return. Share this screen with your clients or view it yourself on a second monitor so you know exactly how the return is developing in real time.

Taxware has united with Textellent, creating a seamless integration with their marketing and calendaring products to give you the ability to text your clients and automate the scheduling of appointments.

Constant Calculations

There is no need to worry about forgetting to “recalculate” each time you make a change to a client’s return. Summary totals are available at the left of most screens and updated instantly as you enter the data. There is no guessing what the status of a client’s refund might be while inputting their information.

Input by Line or Form

It is your choice. Wintax provides two methods of entering information. With Form Input you use a list of forms and schedules to input information that the program will carry to the 1040. With Line Input you work from the 1040 and the program shows the screens you need to complete the line you selected.

All States Included

Don’t pay extra for state software. Taxware includes the state returns with Wintax. After entering the information in the federal return, access state returns in one step. Complete “out of state returns” or multiple states without paying extra fees or having to manually complete the forms.

You will be impressed by the number and quality of reports our Depreciation Assets Manager provides for you and your clients. Completely integrated with our tax programs, it calculates depreciable items using a variety of methods.


With the mouse-free feature of Wintax, a preparer can quickly navigate through data entry screens using the numeric keypad. Of course, the mouse is always there when you need it.


This feature visually displays the readiness of a return to be e-filed. A “green light” shows that the return should be accepted by the IRS. If the program detects a potential problem then a “red” or “yellow light” appears and a report will make recommendations or report problems.