Wintax 1040

Taxware’s Individual Tax program, called Wintax, provides virtually all the forms and schedules you will need to prepare even the most complex tax return.


With the mouse-free feature of Wintax, a preparer can quickly navigate through data entry screens using the numeric keypad. Of course, the mouse is always there when you need it.

State Tax

Don’t pay extra for state software. Taxware includes its state returns with Wintax. After entering the information in the federal return, access state returns in one step. Complete “out of state returns” or multiple states without paying extra fees or having to manually complete the forms.

Constant Calculations

Summary totals are available at the left of many screens and updated as you enter data.

Input by Line or Form

Wintax provides two methods of entering information. With Form Input you use a list of forms and schedules to input information that the program will carry to the 1040. With Line Input you work from the 1040 and the program shows the screens you need to complete the line you selected.


Intuitive and statistical diagnostics help catch errors of commission and omission. The validity check helps insure the returns is complete and correct before it is electronically filed.

Client Management

Quickly determine the status of returns and payments using client list and reports in Wintax. Use Taxbase to create custom reports based on virtually any criteria from the client’s return. Use Comparison to create a list of last year’s clients that are not in the current year’s program and file extensions by printing the form or efiling a group of clients.

Paperless Office

Cut printing and paper costs and decrease storage space by using Wintax’s Archive feature. The feature will create a PDF document containing the information you would have printed. With our DocArk PDF Tracker, you can add important, extra documents to the PDF file or create new PDF’s to go completely paperless.

Data Recall

Virtually all of the information that can be used from last year’s return is recalled in one step.