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Updating Taxware Software - Patch files

Introduction to updating

Taxware software is usually updated by patch files. There are two ways to get patch files. The first is to have our software download the patch file it needs. The second is to download the patch file needed from the Updates section of our website. An Internet connection is needed for either method. If the computer with the software does not have an Internet connection then you will need to use the method that gets a patch from our website. If you have the program, not just the data, on a server and shared by other computers (i.e. workstations) you need to make sure all workstations have shutdown the program BEFORE trying to update.

Updating with software

There are two methods for having Taxware software download. The first is using the program itself (e.g. Wintax). The programs that use patch files to update have an option called Support at the top of the program. Click Support and you will see a choice that has the word update in it (e.g. Auto Update or Check Internet for Tax System Update). Use that option to have the program check for its own update and download one, if there is an update available.

During the download you should wait and not use the program or computer. Windows may even show the download process or program has stopped responding. Ignore this and wait for enough time for your Internet connection to download a file that is a few megabytes in size. A message will appear when the download is complete and will prompt you to restart the program. Follow those instructions and, when you restart the program, answer Yes to apply the patch file. After the program has applied the patch you will need to restart the program. Look at the version date at the top of the program to verify the update has applied (the date will change).

The second method is using our Master Menu program. The Check for Updates button is used to access the part of that program which will get updates. Remove the check mark for any programs you have installed but don't want to update at this time. Clicking OK will have Master Menu check for updates for all of the checked programs. If an update is found it will be downloaded and applied during this process. There is a field for user number, which is used in the process to check for updates to validate your account, access to that program, and status of account.

Updating with either method will get the latest available version of the program. If an update isn't needed either method will show a message that you are current. If a message appears stating that an update isn't available for the client ID then that is caused by a missing or invalid user number entered in the program. It can also be caused if the program isn't in your list of programs purchased.

Updating from the website (manually)

Patch files are also made available in the Updates section at To access the updates you will need to set up a user name and password. This is done by you, once for an office, using the form that can be accessed on the Updates page. The Updates page is also the page used for selecting the program to update. Some of the programs listed don't use a patch file. Those that do are listed on the right side of the page; a list that shows the latest version of each program.

To update use the following steps:

  1. Determine the version of your program by opening the program and looking at the title bar (top-left corner of the program). The version is displayed as MM.DD.YY or MM/DD/YY (e.g. 01.01.04).
  2. On the website, click on the file that you want to download (e.g. 01/01/04). You may need to hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the file.
  3. Your browser may ask you whether you want to save the file to disk or open the file. Select save file to disk.
  4. Now select the location (or folder) where the file will be saved. Save the file to the directory that contains the Windows program you are updating (e.g. C:\03WINTAX).
  5. After the file is done saving start the program. It will find the patch file and apply it to the older version. After applying the patch you will be taken back to the Windows desktop.
  6. Start the program and the new version date will show in the title bar (top left of the program).

Common Issues

An update file is not available for this client ID. Make sure you are signed up for this program

Check the field for your user number (aka Taxware User ID or Account number). Make sure the number is entered exactly as we provide it to you (including hyphens if they exist). If your number is correct then look at your invoice to make sure the program you are trying to update is listed with your other software.

Unable to connect to server

Check your Internet connection. If it is up and connected then make sure firewall or other Internet security software isn't interfering with our program. The file that needs to be allowed is the main application file (see your icon for that file name). Disabling the firewall or software will often not be enough to fix the problem. It is best to properly configure it to allow our software to use the Internet. If the problem persists use the "I am unable to download the update" solution below.

I am unable to download the update using the software method

This can be a temporary problem, especially if the download is interrupted (i.e. starts but seems to stall or fail). Waiting and retrying later will often fix the problem. If the need to update is urgent or you have retried and still have the issue then use the updating manually steps for this update. If the problem persists over many updates then you can email Taxware Support to get help.

Patch doesn't seem to apply correctly on a computer using Windows 7 or Vista

This problem can occur because of settings in Windows User Account Control. It often doesn't occur for every patch and won't occur on every Windows 7 or Vista computer. Disabling UAC can be a permanent solution but shouldn't be done without understanding that feature or consulting your office's computer expert.

The workaround is to start the program or patch process with elevated privileges. The easiest way to do this is to find the program's icon, right click it, choose Run As Administrator, and then Allow or answer Yes to prompts that should appear. Make sure you use the icon for the program and not the Master Menu to start the program. If you don't have the icon on the Desktop you will find it in the Programs list under the Taxware folder.

Patch wasn't successfully applied

Look for a file named patch.err in the program directory. If it exists then open the file with Notepad. Email Taxware Support with its contents and other details of your efforts to update.

How do I manually apply a patch file

One method of manually applying a patch file is to run the Autopatch application. The file is a program in each program directory. Running it manually will often fix issues that occur when trying to apply a specific patch. Go to the program directory, find the file Autopatch file (autopatch.exe) and double click it to run the file. Make sure the program you are trying to update is closed and not running or in use by another.

Another method if you need to manually apply a patch file is to type the following command:

patch [patchfilename]

Make sure the patch file is in the program directory. Before using the command above check to see if the file patch.exe is in the program directory. If it doesn't exist in that folder you should be able to copy it from the Wintax program directory.