Taxware Systems Refund Policy

I. New Clients and New Orders of Tax Preparation Software:

  • A. Programs purchased prior to November 30, 2023: A full refund (less a $250 conversion fee, if any of your data was converted) will be provided within 30 days of the purchase date with a written statement that the Licensee has uninstalled downloaded copies of the Software and ceased use of the Software and retained no copies of the software and has not violated any provision of the license agreement.
  • B. Programs purchased after November 30, 2023 provided Licensee has not prepared or electronically filed any 2023 tax year tax returns using Taxware Systems Software, Licensee may request a refund within five (5) business days of payment. Taxware will, in this case, refund the License Fee that Licensee has paid, less $250 for administrative, setup, shipping, handling and other costs. NO REFUND WILL BE MADE if Licensee has e-filed any 2023 tax year tax returns through Taxware Systems Software or violated any provision of the license agreement or this Refund Policy.
  • C. Pay-Per-Return/Pay-As-You-Go: Due to the nature of pay-per-return tax preparation, no refunds will be provided on the initial license fee. In addition, any unused portion of your per-return deposit is non-refundable, and no credit will be given or carried forward for future tax seasons.

II. Bundled Software – If Licensee qualifies for a refund, the full bundle price will be refunded. Portions of a bundle may not be broken out for a partial refund. Requests to retain some of the products included in the bundle will have a reduced refund based on the regular pricing of those products.

III. New Orders of Accounting Software

  • A. Refunds on accounting software will only be provided within ten (10) business days from the date of order.

IV. Renewals: Refunds are not provided on any renewal order of the software. No exceptions.

V. Note to new tax preparer customers: It is not unusual for customers to have ordered software prior to the release date of the version that they purchased. Consequently, if you are a new customer, Taxware Systems, Inc. will make available to you the most currently available version of the tax preparation software you have purchased shortly after your order has been processed so that you may have the opportunity to evaluate the software prior to the expiration of the refund period. Conversions can be performed on the prior year data as current year conversions are released in late fall and will be similar for the upcoming year. It is important to include that as part of evaluation during your refund period as refunds will not be awarded based on conversions after the refund period. Because it may take some time to get familiar with a new product, Taxware Systems, Inc. strongly encourages new customers to allow for sufficient time to assess and evaluate the software during the refund period and take advantage of any orientation training that may be offered for the software.

VI. How to Request a Refund:

  • A. Please send an email to subject line “Refund Request”. In the email include your full name, company name, EFIN#, Taxware Client ID#, order date and reason for the request. Call us at 909-931-3131 to verify receipt of refund request.