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IRS Business Rule F8962-070

IRS Business Rule F8962-070  IRS Description  “The e-File database indicates that Form 8962 or a binary attachment with description containing “ACA Explanation” must be present in the return.”  This E-File reject is triggered if the IRS has information that indicates that either you, your spouse or one of your dependents has received health insurance from […]

California Middle Class Tax Refund

California’s MCTR has raised a lot of questions in the tax industry. At this point I don’t think anyone has a definitive answer and honestly, I see valid arguments on both sides of the ultimate question of whether it is taxable. One take away I did have from this topic is that this is another […]

Basic 8915-F Instructions for 2021

Basic 8915-F Instructions for reporting 1/3 of the 2020 Gross Distribution in 2021.  Typical scenario:  In 2020 the Taxpayer took a distribution of 60,000 from a Non IRA retirement account and he also took a 30,000 distribution from an IRA. For 2020 form 8915-E was filed and 1/3 of these distributions were included in the […]


Below you will find all the recordings, additional information as well as a list of the prize winners for each session.  This page will be updated with additional recordings and information over the week of the seminar.

Information Regarding Child Tax Credit Advance Payments External Inbox

With the announcement of the Child Tax Credit advance payments, we felt the need to add an additional client listing report and excel export option. This is to aid you in your communication efforts with your clients and offer applicable notifications and advice. The IRS is sending some letters to taxpayers with additional information and […]


1. Back-Up and Protect Your Data As the tax preparer, backing up and protecting your data should be a primary concern. Making regular backups to an external storage device at a minimum of once per week is important. Imagine next week your hard drive fails. The returns you’ve done, acknowledgement reports, PDF copies, and scanned […]

Updated Unemployment Compensation Exclusion

The IRS revised their unemployment exclusion worksheet today. The change basically excludes the Unemployment subtraction from MAGI calculation in the forms and worksheets listed in the IRS link listed below. We have applied these worksheet changes to the Wintax – 1040 program and they are available in the latest update.