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EITC and Additional Child Tax Credit Delays in 2017

The IRS has announced new processing procedures involving the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Additional Child Tax Credit during the first few weeks of 2017, and during the latter half of 2016, the agency hopes to prepare taxpayers and tax professionals for this major change. As part of the PATH Act passed in December […]

Taxpayer Guide to Identity Theft

Tax identity theft occurs when someone uses your Social Security number to file a fraudulent tax return to get a refund. This is a major issue that the IRS is trying to address, but they cannot win this fight alone. There are steps that you both as a taxpayer and a business owner can take […]

Taxware Systems’ Bill of Rights

At Taxware Systems, we want you, the tax professional, to have all of the resources available that we can provide. We believe that you have certain rights and privileges you should be entitled to. The Right to Be Informed: At Taxware Systems, we are honest with you. We don’t just want to sell– we want to […]

Tax Insanity: Taxware Systems Can Help

The definition of insanity is an interesting one; some people might say insanity is staying up until all hours of the night doing something that you enjoy. Another group might say insanity is having the courage to do something others are too timid to try. Admit it, most of us fit into one or both […]

5 Ways Taxware Systems Helps Tax Professionals

Running a business, especially a tax preparation business, can be daunting. Whether you’re a small office with a high volume of returns or a large service bureau with complex returns, or a combination of both, Taxware Systems is here to help. Here are 5 ways we at Taxware Systems can help your business grow: Reduce […]

New Features Have Arrived!

The Taxware Systems software is being upgraded! Thanks to our brilliant team of programmers, we’ve taken a great program and made it better. We are really excited to show you some of the brand new features, including: Brand new client grid: All the information you need in one place! Adjustable screen size with a modern, […]

Top 5 Taxware Systems Tech Questions

Here at Taxware Systems, we want to help you finish your toughest returns quickly. To do that, we went straight to the source, our great tech support crew, to get your questions answered. Q: How do I get acknowledgements? A: Using the A2A system, acknowledgements can be retrieved using Get Acks from the Individual Tax Menu. After […]

Bank Products and How They Work

Bank products, or refund transfers, can be confusing at times. Here at Taxware Systems, we want to make sure that the options available are clear to you as a tax professional. Bank products can be used as a tool to help you gain more clients, expand your business by offering more services and ultimately make […]

“What Does this Rejection Mean?” Reading Schema Validations

Have you ever wondered why your return is rejecting but your numbers and amounts are correct? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to read schema validations in the Taxware Systems software program. To Read Schema: Go to the Summary Menu page and Validity Checks. If the indicator is red, it means that the return is likely to reject. […]