Itemizing or Standard Deduction

Most taxpayers claim the standard deduction when they file a federal tax return, but some filers could lower their tax bill by itemizing. Here are some tips as you try to help your client file an accurate and advantageous tax return.

Figuring Itemized Deductions: Add up deductible expenses the client paid during the year, which include but are not limited to home mortgage interest, state and local income or sales taxes, gifts to charities, unreimbursed medical expenses and many more.

For full details on itemized deductions, limitations and special rules, please visit:

Know the Standard Deduction: If the client does not itemize, the standard deduction depends on their filing status. For 2016, if the taxpayer is:

Single: $6,300

Married Filing Jointly: $12,600

Head of Household: $9,300

Married Filing Separately: $6,300

Qualifying Widow(er): $12,600

To fill out a Schedule A, or itemized deductions, on Taxware Systems’ software, go to 1040 Line Input, line [40] or Forms and Schedules Schedule A at the top of the alphabetical list. Once inside the schedule A, fill in the amounts needed within the headers provided. If you have a grey box that cannot be filled in, that generally means that the amount is carried from somewhere else on the return.

After you have completed the Schedule A, click OK to save and the program will automatically calculate the amount for you. In this way, you can help your client choose the option that is right for them.

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