Taxware Systems’ Bill of Rights

At Taxware Systems, we want you, the tax professional, to have all of the resources available that we can provide. We believe that you have certain rights and privileges you should be entitled to.

  1. The Right to Be Informed: At Taxware Systems, we are honest with you. We don’t just want to sell– we want to build a relationship with you. We want to make sure you know what’s going on not only with us and our software, but also what’s happening with the tax industry in general. As the tax laws change and programs are updated, we want to help you through the unknown.
  2. The Right to Quality Service: You deserve quality service, which means prompt, courteous and professional assistance. Here at Taxware, we have experienced support teams that take care of not just our software programs, but our people. We know that our clients are the reason we’re in business, and we thank you for that by having quality support ready to assist. Our sales representatives and tech support are here to help our clients finish their toughest returns and get their hardest questions answered.
  3. The Right to Be Heard: Everyone deserves to be heard and treated with respect, and at Taxware Systems we do our best to take our clients suggestions and concerns and implement or fix them in a timely manner. Even during peak tax time, we are working hard to make the program better and finding ways to make the tax season easier and more successful for our clients.
  4. The Right to Security: Taxware Systems has been in business since 1979, and even as we continue to grow, we have never bought or sold to another tax software company. We are based in southern California, and we do not rely on overseas support to help our clients. Client data is always confidential, and will never be shared or used for selling purposes.
  5. The Right to Resources: From tech support to online tutorials, videos and emails, we at Taxware Systems want you to learn how to use our programs so that you are comfortable and ready for the tax season. We have many kinds of training available, and we are here for you. If you have questions or need help, just ask!

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