This year has been one for the history books! Years down the road we wonder if our grandchildren and great grandchildren will look at us in awe as we talk about 2020. One of the funniest memes we saw was from the movie “Back To The Future”. It has Marty and Doc working with the DeLorean and it just says “Rule Number 1 – Never Set It To 2020.”

This tax season was a bit like the Energizer Bunny and just kept going and going and going. We all had to adapt and adjust in ways we never thought possible. Some of those changes have developed into new strengths in our practices and procedures. Working with last minute EIP payment requirements and adding electronic filing for amended 1040X returns while a tax season was still in session kept us on our toes.

Summer is an exciting time when we get to review the year, look at client feedback, and decide what to enhance and add to our programs. We thank you for your positive feedback and ideas. With the new requirement to work remotely with your clients, it was evident that strong communication tools designed for the specific needs of the tax professional were wanted. To meet this need Taxware Systems is pleased to announce our newest program TaxComm, coming Fall 2020!

TaxComm – is the Complete Client Communication Tool developed with the tax professional in mind.

TaxComm is a web-based application, with a supported Mobile App that allows you to:

  • Securely request and receive documents needed to complete the tax return.
  • Receive electronic signatures requested with no pay per signature charges.
  • Host a video conference with your tax client.
  • Secure chat/message with standard or potentially privileged tax advice.

Including a Taxpayer synced mobile application for picture and document upload as well as document signatures!

We are excited for its’ official launch very soon. Watch for upcoming videos, blogs, email, and other notifications.

You will see many exciting new updates to Wintax coming this year!

The following are just a few:

Full Backup Scheduling System – We have added a full backup scheduling system which includes both quick and full back up options. With selections for daily, weekly, or monthly time intervals you will be able to automate one of the most important tasks for your office.

Centralized Settings – Databases for preparers, ERO, lookup, K-1, and other items are now stored in a centralized location so that all the programs will share that information. This development will be a great addition for those clients that use both Entity and 1040 programs. It will alleviate the double entry of those items and will also be included in our new Full Backup Scheduling System.

Custom Client Grid – In miscellaneous features you will have a new option to customize your client selection grid and its search fields. This is purely optional so if you are happy with our current default client selection grid there is nothing new you will need to setup.

E-File Ack Notification – Do you ever forget to retrieve your acknowledgments? This great new indicator will help you know if you have acknowledgments that need retrieved for all return types.

Amended Returns – As mentioned earlier you can now electronically file your 1040x amended returns. There are some limitations set forth by the IRS business rules. To learn more about this and what limitations there are, we have created a blog post on our website.

NextGen Depreciation – A lot of work and professional input, to simplify and streamline the depreciation assets manager. This new system will automate the year end update as you recall your clients from the prior year. If you do not need to add or dispose of assets for a client, access into the depreciation program is no longer necessary to bring those calculations directly into the various income tax programs. These calculations will be carried automatically and needed reports can be printed from within each of the income tax programs’ Forms Selection page. To see and learn more about the new depreciation program we have created a tutorial video which is available in the videos section of our website.

NextGen Exempt Organization-990 – The 990 has been updated into our NextGen format with the primary emphasis of adding it to our electronic filing lineup for the 2020 tax year.

NextGen Winpay – We are thrilled to announce that Winpay has been updated to our NextGen format. It is currently going through final testing now and will be available for 2021 calendar year payrolls. The Winpay legacy program will continue to be supported for this upcoming year.

S-Corporation – All existing supported states have been converted to NextGen. We are currently working hard at converting the Wincorp 1120 states.

We know that these, and many of the other new features that continue to be added to the programs will be a benefit to you.

We value your business and the trust you place in us.

Warm Regards,

Your Taxware Team 

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