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Top Taxware Questions Answered

At Taxware Systems, we want to help you get tax returns processed quickly and efficiently. Here are the top questions we’ve received during tax season and their answers. Q: The 8863 amount is not appearing on the 1040! What’s going on? A: The IRS has added new due diligence requirements recently, not just for Earned Income […]

Tax Time Tips Part II

In the midst of tax season, we in the industry are hard at work trying to get returns filed quickly and correctly. Here are some hints to help you and your clients even after they walk out the door. Where’s My Refund: The “Where’s My Refund” tool, found on the IRS website, is a quick and […]

Itemizing or Standard Deduction

Most taxpayers claim the standard deduction when they file a federal tax return, but some filers could lower their tax bill by itemizing. Here are some tips as you try to help your client file an accurate and advantageous tax return. Figuring Itemized Deductions: Add up deductible expenses the client paid during the year, which include […]

Tax Time Tips

For us in the tax industry, January through April can be hectic. We at Taxware Systems want to help you have a smooth tax season. Here are some tips to help you and your clients file returns quickly and efficiently. Gather Records: Before their tax appointments, remind your clients to bring in all applicable records for […]

Common Tax Mistakes

January through April can be a stressful time for us in the tax industry. We want tax returns to be done quickly and efficiently, but each return has its own complexities. To reduce stress and help tax professionals, here’s a quick guide to the most common errors on a tax return and how to avoid […]

A Guide to Amended Tax Returns

Whether a taxpayer has minor or major changes to a tax return that has already been filed, fixing the return can be complicated. Taxware Systems is here to help. Here is a quick guide to help you create an amended return using our software. First, here are a few things you need to know: When […]

Child Tax Credit: A Guide

This year the IRS has expanded due diligence questions concerning the Child Tax Credit to make sure that taxpayers and their children qualify for the credit. Here is a short guide to help tax professionals navigate this important credit. Amount: The Child Tax Credit may help reduce federal income tax by $1,000 for each qualifying child […]

Important Dates from the IRS

Hello! Here at Taxware Systems, we want tax professionals to stay informed about the tax industry at large, including important information from the IRS that will help the tax season run smoothly. The IRS recently announced that the official start date for 2017 filing season, and the day they will begin processing returns is Monday, January […]

Holiday Gift Giving and Taxes

During the holiday season, people often donate money, personal belongings or property to charity. Here are some tips that you can share with your clients to help them file their tax return. Qualified Charities: The client can deduct gifts for a qualified charity. This includes churches, synagogues, temples, mosques and government agencies, even if they do […]

New Wintax-1040: An In-Depth Look Part 2

W-2 Input The W-2 Input page has been modernized. We have put special focus on the flow and tab order of the W-2 page. The W-2 follows the IRS W-2 form. We have added the wizard mode button so that you can turn the wizard flow on or off any time, whether you are in […]